Wednesday, March 28

"Get To Know Me" Post

So you found yourself here at my Blog. The place where I whine and complain discuss the finer points of my life.

I am a SAHM to 2 tweens, and a Pre-K. I am also momma to a very "spirited" 20 year old girl (woman) who currently lives in another state.

Okay, so why the Blog name? Several reasons. First, I AM indeed the product of a very dysfunctional life- absent father, "functioning alcoholic" mother, no siblings; all the fixin's of a trainwreck. By age 14, I was in more trouble than your average "girl gone wild". Yet, I am very proud to say- I broke the cycle. I cleaned up my life, got married, had kids, STAYED married (so far ha.) and as they say~ the BUCK stops here.

Second reason for the blog name: June Cleaver does NOT exist. If you ask me, we are all in one way or another, somewhat dysfunctional. I am a good mom, and my kids are loved and cared for. But like most of today's mothers, I have much more going on than baking cakes. In my opinion, anyone that looks like they are keeping it together as well as Mrs. Cleaver, is either lying or taking prescription medication.

Real moms have periods and get irritable. Occasionally we forget to make the kids do homework. We utilize McDonalds and Wendys to their fullest Value Menu potential, and sometimes yes, we let our kids eat junkfood. We've put shoes on our kids *without* their socks, because we were in a hurry. We often have a sink full of dishes, and baskets full of dirty laundry. (And hey let's be honest, some of us like myself, don't even have it in a basket.) We spend a great deal of time in our cars doing chauffeur service, and thus they have an interesting "lived in" look, complete with french fries and crayons ground into the upholstery..This my friends is the life of a REAL mother. It's not glamorous. But if you are willing to embrace it, you will be rewarded with the occasional "warm & fuzzy" feeling of satisfaction, and the opportunity to claim you survived the gauntlet of motherhood.

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Anonymous said...

I just found your blog off of another one I read. (Tales from the Den). It's always good to read about other moms and their makes me glad I'm not the only one. I have one mini diva-7, and two natural disasters 5 and 3. My life is similar to yours, both parents were alcoholics and my dad split when I was 3, we reconnected when I had mini diva. I was 21. It's strange sometimes. I pulled myself out of trouble, thanks to hubby and am now living life to the best that I can. Whoo, said a lot there. Just wanted to say hi and I'll keep reading.

From a loyal mom reader who really should be doing something other than looking at where is my coffee?