Monday, November 24

Of being too noisy

Last night after getting the kids to bed, Dysdhubby and I settled onto the couch for some much needed potato-ing. We decided to watch our latest recorded episode of The Unit. (mighty fine show I might add)

But wait, let me digress a moment to say that Dysd hubby has had raging pneumonia a small cough the last few days.

So as we began watching our show, every few minutes it would creep up on him.. 'hack-hacka-cofcofcof' followed by some interesting throat clearing sounds. After a few of these "coughing interuptions" I grinned big and playfully teased him with "Good grief, you sure are being AWFULLY noisy arenchu?, I am TRYING to watch this show ya-know." He laugh-coughed and we settled back in. And Then..


Oh. my. gosh. I ripped one. A BIG LOUD ONE. In fact, somewhere in Canada a cow turned their head in startled amazement.

Myself surprised at the sheer force of it, I quickly donned my "whoa- how did that get in there" face, and looked over at Dysdhubby. Without even glancing in my direction, (and totally deadpan) DysdHubby stated: "seems to me YOU'RE the one with the 'noisy' problem around here."

After another brief moment of silence, we laughed our dysfunctional butts off.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

LOL! That's when I ask (loudly), "Wow, did you hear the cat!?!" He never buys it.

DysdHousewife said...

FOM- Isn't it great to know you have been together long enough that farting in front of each other is just another form of family entertainment? LOL

alison said...

I usually tell the girls that I can hear geese flying over the house. They stopped buying that around the time they started kindergarten though.

Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Mama Goose said...

I always pass blame to Daddy-O, but my four year old has apparently studied us closely and yells from the other room "Mama! Did you just FART?!? You need to say excuse me!"

Nadine said...

"In fact, somewhere in Canada a cow turned their head in startled amazement." LOL!

Mother of Chaos said...

ROFLMAO. "...somewhere in Canada..."


I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time.