Thursday, March 29

Dirty Hairy

{{Opening Scene}}
DysdHousewife stands outside school library, banging fists on door wildly~ "I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE!" ::more banging:: "Who in the name of CRACKER gave my daughter this FREAKIN BOOK??!!" ::more banging::

I have answered more questions related to puberty than I care to describe. But this last one is worth blogging about. My daughter is no stranger to the um.. "wankie". My uncircumcised four year old, strolls nude through our house once or twice a week, without inhibition. We have often discussed the musings of the "wankie" And yet, inquiring minds want to know..

GirlyDiva: "Mom, do all girls grow hair in their armpits?"
DysdHousewife: "Yes Honey they do, It's part of puberty."

GirlyDiva: "I think it's stupid to grow hair there."
DysdHousewife: "I know honey, but you can shave it."

GirlyDiva: "So.. Do we grow hair anywhere else?"
DysdHousewife: *trying to disguise smirk with serious informative expression* "Yes we sure do."

GirlyDiva: *slightly alarmed look* "You mean DOWN THERE?"
DysdHousewife: "Yeppers. DOWN THERE." *bagging informative expression, now smirking openly*

GirlyDiva: *Long Pause* "EWWWWWwwww! Thats Gross."
DysHousewife: "It's really not THAT bad.."

GirlyDiva: *Much longer pause, accompanied by 'epiphany face'*
DysdHousewife: "Whats the matter?"

GirlyDiva:"Does that mean BOYS GROW HAIR THERE TOO???!!"
DysdHousewife: *snorts out loud- coughing to regain composure*

GirlyDiva: "OH SICK it *does* doesn't it??!! well THAT is JUST NASTY!!"
DysdHousewife: "Well they don't actually grow hair ON it..just sortof..AROUND it." *more snickering*

GirlyDiva: "GAH! I am so NEVER getting married ~ EVER!!" ::stomps off to bedroom::
DysdHousewife: *No longer able to withstand hilarity and begins giggling hysterically*


Anonymous said...

That IS gross come to think of it.

MadameQueen said...

I remember when Bubba found out he was going to grow hair on his chest and on his, um, privates. He was horrified. I assured him that it was normal and that most men grew hair there. He quickly assured me that he wasn't going to be a man when he grew up, he was going to be a GUY! LOL!