Monday, January 26

Lick This.

So there he is, the BoyKing at bathtime. He's frolicking in the suds, pretending that Lightning McQueen has been engulfed in an avalanche. I peek in, ever so spylike, every few minutes to be sure that:

A. He has not decided to move the "scene" into the toilet, which happens to be in easy reach of the bathtub.


B. That he does not try to shampoo on his own because he's in this 'I CAN DO EVERYTHING MYSELF' phase. He get's that from his control freak mother daddy.

All is well, and bathtime goes off without a hitch. I tell BoyKing it's time to shampoo and get out.

First, he insists that I check his feet for "granny wrinkles". (apparently if you have no granny wrinkles, it is *not* time to get out of the tub.) Affirmative. Granny wrinkles galore.

I sit down on the toilet lid and lean in with the shampoo and begin scrubbing his adorable little head of hair. (Have you ever noticed that boy hair smells like a wet dog before being shampooed?) I tell him to hold still and keep his eyes shut tight, while I rinse. He giggles as some water drips down into his ear. He pokes a finger in the ear, and waggles it around wet willy style. He squints up at me, sticks the finger in my face, grins and says: "Hey Mommy, Why don't you LICK THIS!"

Ahh..Boys. Ya gotta love 'em.


natasha the exile on Mom Street said...

Boys. Can't live with 'em, can't even BEGIN to live without 'em.

Diva Ma said...

o the things they say!

Sue said...

MMMmmmm yummy!

Kaye Butler said...

Hi! I love your blog. I jacked it from my sisterinlaw a country and lovin it.

I'm having to diet now too. I feel your pain. I'm starving. I'm afraid that I could probably snort toll house cookie dough!

Dianne said...

SIL to Kaye, here. I am trying to be supportive of her and we are doing this together. I've been diabetic for years and she is newbie, so....We start the gym next week! She forwarded your email to me and I wll watching for those naughty foods list.