Thursday, January 29

Always Sumthin'

A delightful morning. That's what it was. The dysd tweens got up in time to make it out the door for the bus without a rush, and there was *NO* morning bickering. A wholesome Toaster Strudel Breakfast was even administered. Peacefully quiet. Then time to wake BoyKing for Pre-school. He woke up in a fantastic mood - he was actually giggling. Got him dressed - easypeasy, even found his shoes in record time. He sat cheerfully and ate his french toast sticks while watching a short segment of Bob the Builder while I finished getting ready to drive him to school.

Oh wait..Have I mentioned that this kind of morning NEVER happens at Dysdhouse?
There is always SOMETHING with the tweens: I can't find my shoes!..Have you seen my hairbrush?! ~ Where's my lunchbox!? ~ Tell her to shuttup!! ~ NO! tell *him* to shut up! ~ Get off my coat! ~ My Strudel was in the toaster FIRST! ~ So what! You're hogging the toaster!


And then there are the mornings where BoyKing flat refuses to even put a sock on. Or wear those pants. Or that shirt.

there. is. always. something.

So anyway.

I am so giddy with the way the morning has turned out. On the drive home, I am so content that I start to tingle.

Wait.. tingle?! There it is again.. Distinct tingling. IN MY UPPER LIP. Oh For Jacksakes. A coldsore??!!

See...there had to be SOMETHING.



Kaye Butler said...

Normally, when there is a morning that EVERYONE is on time, no eye rolling, no stomp foot blow breath and roll eye at the same time happens...

Something is gonna blow and it NEVER happens to them...the teens that suck my brains out of my head through my ears with a coffe swizzle stick either. It always happens to me.

Would you like to borrow some cold sore medicine?

Mama Goose said...

SNORT! (do I always write that when I comment. Man you crack me up!)

Mama Goose said...
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Mama Goose said...

BTW, I tagged you today! I hope you'll play!

MadameQueen said...

Wow. Mark that day down on the calendar.

BTW, easypeasy is one of Bubba's favorite things to say! I love to hear him say that.