Friday, February 6

Is It Friday Already?

I haven't been able to post this past few days because we had yet another birthday to prepare for. This time for the BoyKing. He turned 5 years old. It makes me a little sad to start seeing the "boy features" popping up on him- my baby is slowly disappearing. He had a great birthday, and the Tweens had a great time decorating for him with streamers and balloons.

In reference to the above thought- Don't try to bake cupcakes and inadvertently leave out the eggs. It isn't pretty, and your baking pans will thank you later. Just Sayin'.

To The BoyKings Preschool: My local grocery store has had TWO salmonella "scares" in the last 6 months. One in the produce department, and one in Peanut Butter that the store was actually using in their own baked goods. Are you seriously going to tell me I can't bring homemade cupcakes because store bought cupcakes are *SAFER*? seriously? (Oh wait..Never mind.. I had to buy them anyway because of that whole egg thing.. But next time, You better believe I am going to be really put out about this.)

GirlyWoman, (whom I rarely mention because even thinking about the trainwreck that is her life right now exhausts me) Called me out of the blue yesterday, and dedicated a song to me. Taylor Swift - Fearless Album - The Best Day. I cried for an hour. She never does things like this. She is possibly the most self serving child on the earth. NOW she's bringing this kind of emotion to the table?! She is trying to kill me. Cause of death? Broken heart.

Apparently GirlyDiva is now a well known fashion trend setter. EVERYONE in her school is telling her how fabulous her shoes are (you remember..the BELOVED shoes) even with the faded mudstains, she's beating off the admirers with a stick. Here they are.

And last but not least, I have been on my diet since January 7th or so. It's been a month. I have summoned EVERY ounce of strength I have, and aside from the poptart mishap, and the cookie dough debacle and half a piece of Boy Kings Birthday cake I have NOT ingested *ANY* artificial carbs. NONE. If it didn't come from a vegetable, it didn't happen. I have not eaten dairy (aside from cheese) for a month. I have NOT touched a single ounce of chocolate. ZIPPO. And for that, I have lost 2 pants sizes. GO ME!!!
I am wearing a pair of jeans that last month *I could not even GET ON*. And they are even getting loose in the butt. My favorite bra is now about 3 inches too big.
( Slammit, I KNEW those would be the first to go...)


natasha the exile on Mom Street said...

Girl. I was getting worried!

But now I know where you were, so all is well.

Yea on the diet. Boo on kids who make you sad.

Ummm, that's all I got.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Yay for you for your 'getting back in your jeans' news! I'm sorry for the daughter who makes you cry. That's got to be so impossibly hard. That little picture of a broken heart is sad.

And the cupcakes? Awesome. When I saw the photo (before I read the text), I thought they were some crazy cookies.

Kaye Butler said...

I'll go you one better than your eggless cupcakes...

Try eating a pecan pie without the eggs. My dad wondered if I could make him more pecan pies so he could brick his house.

2 1/2 weeks on my diet, lost 7.5 pounds. Your food list really really helped!!!!

Yay you!

St said...

Every story of someone else's weight loss makes me think maybe I CAN do it. Thank you for sharing that. Right now, I'd probably eat those cupcakes anyway...time to diet.

sandybeaches said...

Yea you! 2 pants sizes! Can you share with us more specifics of how you achieved this success? I am starting today - this minute - you are an inspiration.

Mama Goose said...

You made me laugh, cry and cheer all in one post! Rock on!

Mother of Chaos said...

Yay, old jeans! Way to tough it out...diets suck, but results rock!

The cupcakes made me laugh. How many times have I seen exactly the same thing come out of my own oven? (Let's not actually try to count that, 'kay? My brain already hurts just from balancing the checkbook...ow...ow...ow...)

Sue said...

When I first saw the pics of the cupcakes, I thought you were going to fill them with something. Ha, guess not!

Way to go on the 2 pant sizes!

Laurie said...

Nice job on the weight loss...and LOL on the cupcakes!

Nadine said...

Congrats on the weight loss!

Those cupcakes? Could have been me. I can do pies, but cupcakes? No way.

teahouse said...

OMG..I can't stop laughing at the photo of the cupcakes with no eggs!!

Rolling Off The Edge... Together said...

Where have you been!?!?